MARC O’POLO is a premium brand looking back upon a long history. A small company founded in Stockholm in 1967. MARC O‘POLO is based on an idea that, in 1967, ran counter to the spirit of the time. The founders were convinced that natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk made for better products. Their attitude – to bring their own ideas forward, to value individual personalities – is deeply rooted in our corporate culture and philosophy.The brand MARC O’POLO is the epitome of contemporary Modern Casual Wear, and this is reflected in the high brand awareness in the core markets and positive associations to our products. As a Premium Modern Casual brand we have the highest standards with respect to the quality of our products, materials and designs as well as to their implementation. The same applies to our communication and service. This vision describes our general and strategic goal-setting and constantly drives us forward. For these reasons, MARC O‘POLO places the utmost importance on modern infrastructure, technical innovations and a healthy working environment.