About company

‘Burda Moden Salonas’ LLC was established in 1991. Our company began its operations by distributing press, ‘Verlag Aenne Burda’ group publications. As the consumers’ interest rapidly increased, the range of products we offered grew also: sewing machines, accessories, sewing and knitting yarns, and needlework tools were now available through our publications. During this era, we sold the well-recognized brands: Pfaff German firms, Madeira, Coats Mez, Zweigart & Sawitzki, YKK, the Swedish company Husqvarna Viking, English Adjustoform Products Limited Company, and many others. In 2005, we shifted our concentration to retail clothing and footwear. We opened our first franchise store, Marc O’Polo (Germany), and 2 Shoe multi-brand stores called Let’s Go. This was the Baltic flagship location for Marc O’Polo. The following year, we opened another first-timer in the Baltics, Tommy Hilfiger (Europa). This is a famous and powerful fashion label worldwide. Succeeding, we opened another premium brand store, Gant (Sweden) in 2007. In the next few years, we opened 6 more stores; which included 4 mono-brand stores, 2 multi-brand stores, and began distributing Ralph Lauren Blue Label Collection. The “Burda Moden Salonas” gained its respect in the Baltics through ventures with premium retail clothing and footwear companies.

Burda Moden Salonas was founded – Began distributing Verlag Aenne Burda Group Publications
Expanded the range of products distributed
Launched the Marc O’Polo Brand store
Launched 2 Let’s Go multi-brand shoes stores
Launched the Tommy Hilfiger Brand store
Launched the Gant Brand store
Launched a 2nd Gant Brand store
Launched 2 more Marc O’Polo Brand stores
Launched a multi-brand clothing store, Grey & White
Began distributing Polo Jeans by Ralph Lauren
Began distributing Campus by Marc O’Polo
Began distributing Grey by Marc O’Polo
Began distributing Ralph Lauren Blue Label Collection
Launched the More & More Brand store
Launched 1 more multi-brand clothing store, Grey & White
Launched the Marc O’Polo Brand store in SC Ozas
Launched the Gant Brand store in SC Ozas
Launched first McGREGOR Brand store in shopping and leisure center Panorama
Start of selling Canada Goose and Woolrich production in Grey&White store 
Launched second Marc O'Polo store in Kaunas, shopping mall Mega 
Launched Grey&White store in shopping mall Ozas
Start of selling Parajumpers